<H=0.P> hop!

Digital native or digital layman? The interactive game by tBedrijf and HANGAAR will encourage you to participate in a game of hopscotch. However, you don’t need chalk and a stone. If you step on one of the illuminated surfaces, the playground will unfold automatically for you. Depth cameras, a lot of software and ingenious projections will follow your movements and turn an ancient game into an accessible and unique cross-media experience.

Dieter De Planter, Thomas Goddyn & Bram Lattré are image creators. Together they are tBEDRIJF, a young and multi-media collective experimenting with analogue versus digital imagery and DIY principles. Human intuition and intervention with the viewer or visitor play an increasingly important role in their work.

HANGAAR is a young collective that develops tools for digital live performance with image and sound. They create mainly interactive installations, videos and software with a strong visual aesthetic impact.

Hangaar (BE)