Mammoth & Metrum

The Mammoth

The Mammoth is an interactive filmstudio for kids to enjoy before and after the film! Fabricate your own figures for shadow plays, make your own animation film, experience zo├Âtropes, praxinoscopes and flipbooks in the film museum or play with optic illusions and games.

Jekino & Koevoet (BE)


Metrum is a robot for all ages. He needs help to dance to the beat of the music. Put on the controller with buttons and lights in the shape of Metrum and start the game. With visual effects it is indicated which body parts he has to move to continue dancing through the game.

Created by students of Digital design and development (Devine). A three-year optional course within the bachelor Multimedia and Communications at HOWEST in Kortrijk.

Devine (BE)
Jannes Vandepitte *
Lisa Meersseman *