Masterclass Slow Motion

From Michael and Andrew Van Ostade (6- 9 years)

Throw weather balloons, shoot a confetti cannon and film all of it with a professional slow motion camera: the results are phenomenal. Together with film makers Michael and Andrew Van Ostade, you’ll discover how to reach the best effects. You’ll go home with your very own slow motion film.

The Masters:
Filmmakers Michael and Andrew Van Ostade are no strangers to the Youth Film Festival: we screened their first short film Songs from the Outside during Cut the Crap, and their second short film, Danse Macabre, won the children’s jury prize in our competition. Andrew was part of our children’s jury a long time ago, and he was on our professional jury many years later. What’s more, they’re now in the middle of working on their first youth film, The Brothers Schimm. They also had a blast working with this slow motion technique for pop group Gepetto and the Whales in this videoclip.

Important! You can get pretty grimy during this masterclass and it will take place outside. That’s why you should bring warm and old clothes that are allowed to get dirty!

Thanks to BFC Rental for the camera’s.

All scenes will be published online in the next few days. A montage of a few scenes already online: