Nelly's adventure

Nelly’s adventure

97 minDominik WesselyGermany2016     trailer

Nelly is kidnapped during a family holiday in Romania, setting her off on a wacky adventure trying to find her parents back.

Thirteen-year-old Nelly has to go on a family holiday to Romania against her will. There she finds out that her father is planning to move to Transsylvania for work, but that’s something she absolutely doesn’t want. She runs away… straight into the arms of two kidnappers! Nelly is taken to a remote Roma village, where she escapes with the help of two new friends, Tibi and Roxana. Then, she and her parents begin a simultaneous wacky adventure in an attempt to find each other back.

Jonas and the sea

12 minMarlies van der WelNetherlands2015     website     trailer

Jonas gives everything up to fulfil his life dream of being the ultimate seaman. Will years of endless trial and error lead to the key to happiness?

Jonas has known it since he was a little boy: the sea is his home. It’s not only for looking at or swimming in. No, Jonas wants more! He wants to be one with the sea. He never wants to leave it. He spends his entire life loitering on the beach as a beachcomber. He uses the objects he finds to build strange constructions that can help him toward his life dream. But as the years progress, the aging Jonas needs to face the fact that time is running out to make his dream come true…

JEFFaward best short film 2017 according to the Film Fun in Bed-jury