Girls Lost

Girls Lost

106 minAlexandra-Therese KeiningSweden2015     trailer

Three girl friends are suddenly changed into boys, causing them to question their ideas about gender and sexuality.

Kim, Momo and Bella are bullied in school, and they sometimes dream about how much easier it would be to be boys. Their dream turns into reality thanks to the nectar of a mysterious flower that temporarily changes their sex. They get a taste of the bad-boy life and gain some confidence, but everything becomes complicated when Kim realizes she likes being a boy more than being a girl.

You are my Brother

10 minSven SpurBelgium2016

An adventurous fairy tale about two brothers, filmed on stunning 35 mm.

Lukas is a rebellious 16-year-old teenager who runs away from home. He has to take his little brother Sam with him against his will, making his plans take an unexpected turn. The younger brother’s imagination clashes with the harsh reality in which his older brother lives.