Sport Kids

Sport Kids is a series of documentaries in which we meet three kids who are living for their sports.

Sport Kids: Sumo

25 minSimon Lereng WilmontDenmark2015     trailer

Chikara is a ten-year-old Japanese boy, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional sumo wrestler. The boy is talented, but there’s a lot of pressure on him not to let his father down. He’s been training all summer long for an important sumo competition that he wants to win no matter what, but the competition is tough, and Chikara has an even tougher battle to fight against his doubts and fears.

School vol vissen

15 minMargot SchaapNetherlands2014     trailer

There are two worlds in which thirteen-year-old Hugo feels right at home: in the world of competitive diving – he can effortlessly complete a double twist when jumping in the water – and that of the Wii game Endless Ocean. Now, Hugo is about to take the most difficult leap of his life. In this documentary, we follow Hugo while he makes the transition from primary to secondary school, where he wants to make friends more than anything else. But as he says himself, a dive never goes right the first time around. Hugo is determined to get over himself and arm himself against the flood of impulses above water.

15 minEdward CookNetherlands2015

“You only love your skateboard,” Keet’s friends tell her when they’re talking about boys again. And indeed, there’s nothing this feisty ten-year-old girl loves more than skating. Her fantastic skills cause her to stand out in the skating world, a world in which mostly boys excel. As a girl, she is then often admired, but she encounters a lot of judgment as well. On her skateboard, Keet swerves around the prejudices about the way a girl should act.