Zlin Film Festival selection

A selection of animation shorts, chock-full of Czech talent, selected by Zlin Film Festival from the Czech Republic. Kateřina Fojtová is coming all the way from the Czech Republic to present them to you!


4 minPetr JindraCzech Republic2014

Ervin is a domestic cat that loves his owner, and possibly loves the microwave even more… A film about true cat love, playful with a bitter note at the end.

ZOO Story

4 minVeronika ZacharováCzech Republic2015

Going to the zoo with a mom who’s far too busy can be quite boring for an inquisitive little girl. So she goes looking for someone else to play with, like a lonely gorilla. An adventure for her, but extremely nerve-wracking for her mother.

The Miracle

8 minHana KotlářováCzech Republic2015

A melancholic fairy tale about a miraculous little boy that arrives in a city where people no longer believe in miracles. He has the gift of bringing happiness to others, and where he’s from, anything is possible – as long as you believe in it hard enough. His childlike fantasy constantly clashes with the hard logic of adults, who live their lives according to the rules, and no longer believe in fairy tales. Do miracles still exist, even in big cities?

Litlle Rain Worms

9 minJaromír GálCzech Republic2015

Two rain worms and a blackbird find an illegal dump. They entertain themselves by re-using all of the weird trash and building swings and slides out of it. When they open their new playground, they’re the first to try out the new playsets.


11 minAlexandra HetmerováCzech Republic2013

Funny animation short inspired by several characters from Greek mythology, set in the modern world. Little Mino lives with his mom Medusa, who goes on a date with a shady fellow. Then Mino has to go to school, but he gets lost, and encounters the Cyclops.

Pat & Mat

8 minMarek BenešCzech Republic

Pat and Mat want to go windsurfing, but there’s just one little problem: there’s no water in sight, only mud! How are they going to fix this?