Stick Man

Five fantastic fanciful stories for all ages; sometimes suspenseful, always hilarious.

Stick Man

50 minJeroen JaspaertUnited Kingdom2015     trailer

Stick Man lives in a tree with his stick family. His Wife, himself, their three Twigs, they all fit! During his morning walk, Stick Man gets taken by a playful dog, tumbling from one unfortunate situation into another, leaving him further and further away from his tree. Will he make it back to his family in time for Christmas?

Pik Pik Pik

4 minDmitry VysotskiyRussian Federation2014     trailer

In the forest, there’s a tree in which the ants live together with the colourful woodpecker. The woodpecker tries to peck away the marching ants, but they manage to outsmart him. One day, a lumberjack comes to cut down the tree…

The Teeny Weeny Fox

8 minAline Quertain en Sylwia SzkiladzBelgium, France2015     trailer

In the middle of an abundant vegetable patch, a tiny fox meets a little girl that can make plants grow to a humongous size. Together they discover they can make other things grow as well. That opens up a range of possibilities for mischief…

The Law of the Jungle

6 minPascale HecquetBelgium2015     trailer

After a little monkey has gone through a lot of effort to pick a massive banana, he immediately has to give up his banana to a bigger monkey, because the law of the jungle says that the stronger one always gets what he wants. The little monkey thinks of a cunning plan, because if you’re not strong, you have to be clever!


3 minJulia OckerGermany2013     trailer

When a zebra bumps into a tree one day, he learns something about himself.