The jury of professionals, the children’s jury in Antwerp and the children’s jury in Bruges will select the best feature film and best short film of 2009. The jury of professionals will present a distribution award to the best feature film. This film will be distributed by Jekino Distribution. Furthermore, the jury of professionals will present an award to the best short film. The director receives the Province of West Flanders Award to finance one of his future film projects. Finally, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for and select the best feature film. The winning film receives an honourable mention.

Winners European Youth Film Festival Flanders 2009

Professional jury:
• Karla’s World (Karla’s Kabale / Karla’s wereld) by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup (Denmark, 2007) – best feature film (distribution price)
• Sooner or Later (Tôt ou tard / Vroeg of laat) by Jadwiga Kowalska (Switzerland, 2007) - best short film (money price – Province of West-Flanders)

Children’s Jury Antwerp:
• The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat (Titanic ti liv / Titanic de kat) by Grethe Bøe (Norway, 2007) – best feature film
• Our Wonderful Nature (Onze prachtige natuur) by Tomer Eshed (Germany, 2008) – best short film

Children’s Jury Bruges:
• Silly’s Sweet Summer (Blöde Mütze / Zotte , zoete zomer) by Johannes Schmid (Germany, 2007) – best feature film
• Our Wonderful Nature (Onze prachtige natuur) by Tomer Eshed (Germany, 2008) – best short film

The audience in Antwerp voted Stormheart (Myrsky) by Kaisa Rastimo (Finland, 2008)as the best feature film. In Bruges the audience choose for The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat (Titanic ti liv / Titanic de kat) by Grethe Bøe (Norway, 2007).


It could be a coincidence that this year’s festival awards look exactly like the winged purple creature that animates the big screen with its wand made of stars, but on the other hand, it seems to pop up wherever the Youth Film Festival appears. Six purple wizards made of wood and glass show the two essential elements of filmmaking: the creation of a magnificent story and a heart to breathe life into it.
Elke Thuy en Bruno Herzeele (BE),



European jury of professionals

Britt Van Marsenille

1980 - Antwerp
Britt graduated as a drama therapist in the Netherlands and was a ‘wrapper’ on the Belgian televison channel Ketnet. She worked as a foreign reporter for the television programme Karrewiet and hosted the television show Fata Morgana Kids as well as the scientific programme BeDweters. Britt is a jack-of-all-trades and a busy bee. Together with Antoon Offeciers (musician) and Tom Schoonooghe (artist) she founded the theatre company De EiBakkerij. In addition to her work as a presenter of various programmes, she is working on her new stage production Eden. She is a Cliniclown in a number of hospitals and works behind the scenes of the clothing brand Who’s that Girl.

Greg Timmermans

1979 - Antwerp
Greg is best known for his starring role in the award-winning film Ben X (2008). He appeared in the television series Witse, Kinderen van de Windt, En daarmee basta and Team Spirit. He is also a stage actor and performed in a number of stage productions, such as 386 Molière. He entered several festivals with self-written monologues such as Gevallen Ster en Wit is altijd schoner. Greg studied art in secondary school. Afterwards he studied Film, Video and Television at St.-Lukas University College of Art and Design in Brussels and dramatic art at the department for Audiovisual and Dramatic Arts and Techniques at Erasmus University College in Brussels (Rits).

Rose Chamberlain

1974 - London
Rose studied engineering before realizing her real passion is filmmaking. Instead of working in a factory she started making documentaries and demonstrating outside the mayor’s office for more funding for Brazilian films. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2001 to do a MA in TV documentary at the University of London. In September 2006 Rose launched her own magazine, Film & Festivals. She founded the London Brazilian Film Festival and was a curator for other film festivals.

Mischa Kamp

1970 - Amsterdam
Mischa Kamp graduated from the Amsterdam Film and Television Academy as a scriptwriter/director. Her graduation film project My mum has a gun too attracted a lot of international attention. After graduating, she worked as a director for various Dutch television channels. Mischa also directed a number of feature films, such as the well-known family film Winky’s horse. The film has won several important awards in the Netherlands and at a number of film festivals. Two years later, in 2007, she directed the award-winning sequel Where is Winky’s horse? Mischa’s short film Adriaan was screened at the 2008 Youth Film Festival and received a fantastic reception.

Kjell-Åke Andersson

1949 - Stockholm
Kjell-Åke graduated as a cinematographer from the Swedish Film Institute in 1977. He directed films for television and the big screen, received various nominations and won a number of awards at film festivals, such as the Locarno International Film Festival, the Cinequest San José Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, the Hamburg Film Festival,…Kjell-Åke directed the documentaries Rocket Garden and The Breaking Point as well as ABBA’s last two music videos. Kjell-Åke directed some episodes of the prestigious series Wallander. He is the director of the film Pirret (Butterflies), screened at the 2009 festival edition.

Children's Jury Antwerp

Jutte Callaerts

1999 - Niel
My name is Jutte Callaerts, I am 9 years old and in the fourth year of primary school. I have one brother. He is six years old. I wanted to be a member of the children's jury because I love watching films. It is very nice and exciting to be a member of the jury because I like to give my opinion on things. May the best films win!

Basil Claeys

1998 - Borgerhout
My name is Basil Claeys. I am ten years old and I live in Antwerp-Borgerhout. I am a fan of films and therefore, I would like to be a member of the jury. Usually when you watch a film, you empathize with the characters, even if they are not human. Good films make you forget that the story is invented, that there are special effects involved and that the things you see, are not real. If a film does not look real, it is usually not a good film.

Lina Van Hulle

1998 - Antwerp
Hi, I am Lina Van Hulle and I am 10 years old. I play the piano and badminton, I am a youth movement member and I live in Antwerp. I am happy to be a member of the children’s jury because I like films and I like to give my opinion on films. I have been visiting the Youth Film Festival for two years and I really like it! Of course I also like the festival activities – they are really cool. Now you know what I think of the Youth Film Festival. Byyyyyeeeee!!!!

Zindzi Owusu

1997 - Antwerp
My name is Zindzi and I am 11 years old. I play the violin and take jazz dance lessons. I love mangas (Japanese comics), Wii and DS games but right now, the European Youth Film Festival deserves my undivided attention. I have been visiting the festival since I went to kindergarten. At the festival, I have the opportunity to watch films which might never be released in Belgium. It is really nice to be a member of the children’s jury and to give my opinion on the festival films. I hope you will enjoy the festival as much as I will!

Viktor Verheyen

1996 - Antwerp
Hi, my name is Viktor. I am 12 years old and I am in my last year at primary school. I wanted to be a member of the children’s jury because I have my own opinion on films and because I wanted to make a dream come true: I once dreamed that I was a jury member. Hopefully, I will make the right choice. See you then. Viktor.

Claudine Boeckx

children's jury - 1963 - Sint-Job-in-t-Goor
I am Claudine Boeckx, 45 years old and a vocational school teacher. During spring half-term, I am the children’s jury supervisor. It is a real pleasure to assist these young jury members in their difficult and serious task to choose the best feature film and the best short film from a selection of 10 feature films and 10 short films. The films are incredibly beautiful, but the response of the children is even more beautiful. They have to criticize the films. Their argumentation is very refreshing for an old soul like myself. So every year, I look forward to being deluged with waves of enthusiasm and youthful vigour.

Children's Jury Bruges

Charlotte Monbailleu

1999 - Assebroek
My hobbies are music, dancing, watching films and reading. I am a huge fan of Roald Dahl. During the summer holidays, I participate in the Museumhotel and I go camping with our youth movement. I am looking forward to the film festival. We will get the opportunity to watch and criticize a lot of films. It will be a very exciting and special experience to spend a whole week at the cinema!

Elias Twoney

1999 - Bruges
My name is Elias and I am a pupil at St. Lodewijkscollege, a primary school in Bruges. My hobbies are reading, taking music lessons, playing the guitar and being a youth movement member. I am very happy to be a member of the children’s jury. I like talking about books and the same goes for films. Hopefully, I will see lots of great films and have a lot of fun.

Pieterjan Verplancke

1999 - Bruges
My hobbies are playing football, playing tennis and wall climbing. I just love playing sports! I am also very fond of films of course. As a member of the children’s jury, my film-viewing experience will be completely different in comparison with the ‘usual’ way of watching films - which is something I am looking forward to. Maybe I will make some new friends as well. Hopefully, we will have a great time!

Ruth De Backer

1997 - Bruges
My hobbies are taking ballet lessons, tennis, playing the harp and being a youth movement member. I am fond of reading and handicrafts such as making bobbin lace, knitting and sewing. I am looking forward to being a member of the children’s jury because I like to watch and criticize films. I hope that the jury members will get on very well and that everyone will be able to give his or her opinion. Hopefully it will be a very enjoyable week for everyone.

Daan Defebere

1997 - Bruges
I like all sorts of things: I am a swimming club member and often take part in swimming contests. I play the harpsichord, a rather difficult instrument to play. I am also a youth movement member, which is really cool. I think it is a huge responsibility to give my opinion on the festival films. I am a real film freak. I will get the opportunity to watch a lot of films in one week’s time – a once in a lifetime experience! Hopefully, it will be a week full of pleasant memories.

Dorien Bastiaensen

children's jury coach - 1978 - Bruges
I am 30 years old and work as an integrated education supervisor. I am a music, film and theatre lover and fond of dancing - when the mood is right. During spring half-term I have the honour to supervise the children’s jury. These children have tons of enthusiasm, they bubble with energy and brighten up the festival atmosphere. I am really excited about this year’s jury members and I am bursting with impatience to hear their unvarnished opinions on the competition films.