The jury of professionals, the children’s jury in Antwerp and the children’s jury in Bruges will select the best feature film and the best short film of 2011. The jury of professionals will present an award to the best short film and the director receives the Province of West Flanders Award to finance one of his future film projects. The Youth Film Festival also presents a distribution award to one of the winning feature films. This film will be distributed by Jekino Distribution.

For the very first time we have a TMF jury for the Cut the Crap selection. These youngsters choose the best feature film and the winner gets a TMF price.

With the Film Fun in Bed project the short films in competition will be streamed to sick children. Through video on demand they will also be given the opportunity to watch and assess wonderful short films in competition.

Finally, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for and select the best feature film. The winning film receives an honourable mention.

Winners European Youth Film Festival Flanders 2011!

Professional jury:
Skellig (De schaduw van Skellig) by Annabel Jankel (UK, 2009)
- Best feature film (distribution prize)
Heartstrings by Rhiannon Evans (UK, 2009)
- Best short film (money prize – Province of West-Flanders)
Ways to live forever by Gustavo Ron (UK / Spain, 2010)
- Best feature film (ECFA prize)

Children’s Jury Antwerp and Bruges:
The Crocodiles strike back (Vorstadtkrokodile 2 / De krokodillenbende vecht terug) by Christian Ditter (Germany,2010)
- Best feature film
The Girl & The Hunter (Het meisje en de jager / La fille et le chasseur) by Jadwiga Kowalska (Switserland, 2010)
- Best short film

TMF Jury
Simple Simon (I rymden finns inga känslor) by Andreas Öhman (Sweden, 2010)
- Best feature film

Film fun in bed jury
Mobile by Verena Fels (Germany, 2010)
- Best short film

The audiences in Antwerp and Bruges both voted for The Crocodiles strike back (Vorstadtkrokodile 2 / De krokodillenbende vecht terug) by Christian Ditter (Germany, 2010) as the best feature film.

The 23nd edition was a success with around 7.000 visitors and was enjoyed by many children, who had the opportunity to see movies coming from all over Europe and to participate in the various workshops and multi-media installations.

Creation Festival Awards

A film award like a real trophy, with some glitter and glamour.
…. and also lights.
Made in fablab, a workplace where you can almost make everything.
A workplace where everybody can try to realise their ideas.

These awards are made from plexiglass and wood with 2 led-lights as eyes.

made in timelab



European jury of professionals

Meikeminne Clinckspoor

Meikeminne Clinckspoor started to play theatre when she was only a child, in the Kopergietery Gent. She decided really young that she wanted to make children's movies. In 2002 she was nominated by 'KBC Young Filmtalent' with some of her work, as "a promising young filmmaker". After a theater education in Amsterdam, she started a filmeducation(2004) at the Filmschool KASK, where she graduaded in 2009 with her Shortfilm for Children De Wensboom. Beside her work as a director, she also works as a professional Childrens’s coach on filmsets, both feature and shortfilm. At the moment she's finishing her own screenplay, and developing this first featurefilm for production. “Whispering Clouds” will be a Children's film that takes most part in Lapland where the sun never sleeps in summer. This film will be a Flinck Film production and a co-production between Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

Marlies van Hoek

Marlies studied Theater, Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University. Since 2004 she has held several positions at the Cinekid Festival, where she is currently working as a film programmer responsible for selecting all festival films. As Head of Film Affairs she attends international festivals and is responsible for film education and carrying out the film programme. She also sits on the Distribution of Foreign Children’s Films Advisory Committee of the Netherlands Film Fund. Marlies knows the children’s film market and has an understanding of Dutch and international children’s film distribution, from the development stage to the distribution stage.

Adam Graham

Throughout his career Adam has managed the Leeds Young People's Film Festival and co-ordinated production on the Leeds International Film Festival and Dead By Dawn, Scotland's International Horror Film Festival. After working as a freelance consultant Adam and his wife Tanja have established ANT CREATIVE a film, gaming and media education company specialising in video gaming and film for festivals, education and social development. Adam is also a Board Member for the European Children's Film Association.
„I personally want to develop film culture in the UK from a younger age to give young people a head start in their appreciation and knowledge of film from around the world."

Eva Schwarzwald

Eva Schwarzwald, graduated in law, has worked as Director of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Activities Bureau at the Lombardy Region- Culture, for 20 years.
She was president of ECFA (European Children’s Film Association) and board member of the Association. Eva is the artistic director of the Italian project Cinema senza barriere (cinema without barriers), organized in different towns to bring deaf and blind people at the cinema.
She is a specialist in audiovisual project for schools and children in Italy, she has written articles for various Italian magazines. She coordinated 4 seminars on various issues focusing on disabilities, cinema, art, culture and gender issues. In 2011 and 2012 she will be involved in a transnational project Rainbow, to fight homophobia.

Children's Jury Antwerp

Lilith Pas

2001 - Ekeren

I like the fact that children can decide which films are good and which are not. I love watching films and I have even starred in a short film. That was a fantastic experience and I would love to do it again. My favourite actor is Jan Decleir. I hope that my acting will once be as good as his (but as a girl). There are many films I like, but I am not sure if they are European films. I know Winky’s Horse is a European film, as the characters speak Dutch. The story is not too complicated and the film is suitable for children and adults. The film is exciting, funny and even a bit scary. I am veeeeery happy to be a member of the children’s jury!!! I am totally ready for it.

Korneel Somers

2000 - Antwerpen

I think it will be fun to be a member of the children’s jury, as I love watching films. When I get carried away by a film, it feels as if I am in another world. I have been visiting the festival for several years. Last year, I saw The Eagle Hunter’s Son, a film about a boy and his eagle. The film was very beautiful, especially the scenery. Recently I watched The Brothers Lionheart and The Letter for the King. I love adventure films, but enjoy comedies as well. As a member of the children’s jury I will get the opportunity to watch a lot of films, to watch them with a critical eye and to learn a lot by listening to other people’s views. Hopefully it will be a valuable experience.

Shalini Mastenbroek

2000 - Antwerpen

I would like to be a member of the jury, because I love watching films and voicing my opinion, so it seems fun to give my view on the films we will be watching. I am not afraid to give my opinion, but I also like to hear other people’s views and will show respect for those views. I read a lot of books and take music lessons. Last year, I visited the Youth Film Festival in Antwerp and went to many screenings. I wanted to know how I could become a member of the jury and requested further information. I am veeeery happy to be a member of the children’s jury and experience the festival from start to finish.

Matthias van Herel

2000 - Stabroek

When I was watching LasseMaja: The Chameleon Strikes Back at last year’s festival, I saw the members of the children’s jury sitting in the back row. I looked at them out of the corner of my eye. It seemed fun to be a member of the jury. The film was very exciting! I love that. The Swedish sounded strange, though. As a member of the jury, I will get the opportunity to watch many more films and give my opinion. That way, I can have my say and make an impact. I am not afraid to make critical comments. At school we evaluate our art assignments. That is not easy, especially when you have to explain your opinion. But I will manage. Being a member of the children’s jury seems absolutely FANTASTIC.

Tine Van de Velde

1998 Lier

I really love watching films. It is fun to comment on films with my mother and sister. Last year, I gave a talk on films. I really enjoyed that. It is my dream to make a film of my own and I always say: Believe in your dreams, then they come true. I have already thought up a screenplay. When I was 8 years old, I wrote down my comments on various televison programmes. I would love to be a member of the children’s jury, because I love the atmosphere of a cinema and really enjoy watching films.

Pieter Standaert

1998 - Antwerpen

I already visited the Youth Film Festival when I was 7 years old. It is so much fun to go to the cinema during spring half-term and watch exciting films. I am a film fan of course and as the youngest member of the family, I have already devoured many films! A film needs a strong screenplay and a good director. The story must be flawless, as I pay attention to every detail. The acting must be convincing. Maybe I am a bit too critical, but I like to express my opinion, especially when other people take a different view.

Kamyab Heydari

1997 - Deurne

I would love to be a member of the children’s jury, as I am passionate about film. I am not only fond of adventure films or films with a lot of fight scenes, but also of various other film genres. A few years ago I saw Karla’s World. I really liked that film because of the moving story and the excellent acting. I am also an actor. It is a privilege to select the winning film with the other jury members.

Claudine Boeckx

1963 – Sint-Job-in-t-Goor

I am Claudine Boeckx, 47 years old and a vocational school teacher. During spring half-term, I am the children’s jury supervisor. It is a real pleasure to assist these young jury members in their difficult and serious task to choose the best feature film and the best short film from a selection of 10 feature films and 10 short films. The films are incredibly beautiful, but the response of the children is even more beautiful. They have to criticize the films. Their argumentation is very refreshing for an old soul like myself. So every year, I look forward to being deluged with waves of enthusiasm and youthful vigour.

Children's Jury Bruges

Robbe Van Meensel

2000 - Oostkamp

I would really love to be a member of the children’s jury, as I am very interested in film. I like short films. Sometimes they are so funny. In the last few years, I took part in a lot of workshops and watched many films. Some of the most beautiful films I have seen at the Youth Film Festival are Hands off Mississippi, Book of Masters, Silly’s Sweet Summer and Summer of the Flying Saucer. Every year I visit the Youth Film Festival with my mother to watch at least 5 films.

Arnaud Snauwaert

2000 - Brugge

I would love to be a member of the children’s jury. I have already seen a lot of great films, like Lord of the Rings and Clash of the Titans. I also review films and books at school and have already visited the European Youth Film Festival twice to take part in workshops and watch films. My hobbies are playing basketball, playing the drums, playing football, skiing, playing the recorder and swimming. I will do my best and will already practise discussing the films.

Wout Leber

2001 - Sint-Andries

I visit the Youth Film Festival every year. Last year I really liked The Crocodiles and Sunshine Barry. I would like to know how it feels to be a member of the children’s jury. My favourite films are comedies. Sometimes I watch a film when I am visiting my grandparents. We went to the cinema during the Christmas holidays and during spring half-term I watch 3 or 4 films. The Youth Film Festival is veeeeeery cool.

Wout David

2001 - Sint-Andries

It must be a fantastic experience to be a member of the children’s jury. Unfortunately, I have never visited the European Youth Film Festival. It is very difficult to select my favourite film. I read a lot of books and I also make films by taking a lot of pictures and editing them in quick succession.

Janne Dekorte

2001 Assebroek

I would love to be a member of the children’s jury as I love watching films and giving my opinion on them. I have visited the Youth Film Festival every year since I was 3 or 4 years old and I have already seen wonderfilm films. It would be amazing to experience the film festival from start to finish. My favourite film is Lotte from Gadgetville.

Fauve Desutter

2001 - Oostkamp

I have visited the Youth Film Festival since I was a toddler. My favourite film is The Crocodiles. It is an exciting film with thieves who get caught by a bunch of kids. The children get assistance of a boy who sits in a wheelchair. They play a nasty trick on the thieves and thanks to their friendship the adventure has a happy ending. I would like to be a member of the children’s jury because I am fond of talking about films and writing down my opinion. I have a talent for writing. This year I will also show my verbal skills.

Noor Desutter

2002 - Oostkamp

I would like to be a member of the jury, because I love watching films. I have visited the Youth Film Festival since I was a toddler. My favourite film is Rafiki. The film tells the story of a girl who comes from another country and is being deported. Her two friends run away from home to look for her. The father of one of the girls is a police officer and he tries to locate them. At the end of the film the foreign girl is allowed to stay in the country and they all celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day. I would like to be a member of the children’s jury as I get to see a lot of films for free and I love giving marks.