Professional jury:

• Best feature film : De knopenoorlog (War of the Buttons/ La nouvelle guerre des boutons) by Christophe Barratier (France, Belgium and Switzerland, 2011)
• Best short film (money prize – Province of West-Flanders) : Being Bradford Dillman by Emma Burch (United Kingdom, 2011). Honourable mention for Hinterland by Boris Kuijpers (België, 2011)

Children’s Jury Antwerp:

• Best feature film : Milo by Berend and Roel Boorsma (The Netherlands, 2012)
• Best short film : Mina Moes by Mirjam De With (The Netherlands, 2011)

Children’s Jury Bruges:

• Best feature film : The Secret by Morten KØhlert (Denmark, 2012)
• Best short film : Mina Moes by Mirjam De With (The Netherlands, 2011)

Film fun in bed jury:

• Best short film : Mina Moes by Mirjam De With (The Netherlands, 2011)

Best feature film in competition according to the public:

• Antwerp : Milo by Berend and Roel Boorsma (The Netherlands, 2012)
• Bruges : Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert (Germany, 2012)

Distribution prize

The Youth Film Festival hands out a distribution award to one of the winning feature films in competition. This film will be distributed by Jekino Distribution

Province of West Flanders Award

The jury of professionals will hand out a cash award (€1.250) to the best short film in competition.

Honourable mentions

Honourable mentions are given to the favourite feature film of the audience in Antwerp and Bruges and the best short film of the children participating in the online Film Fun in Bed project.


Six trophies, made by young Belgian artists, are awarded to the winning feature and short films chosen by the jury of professionals and the children’s juries in both cities.

In the beginning there was nothing, there was nothing in the dark and silence reigned.
And suddenly there was light.
Images appear in all forms and colours.
Birds are singing and a sweet mist surrounds us.
In the distance a strange creature emerges. “I’M JEFF,” it calls out.

From up close it appears to be a strange little guy, not much bigger than a hand – half bat, half teddy bear. Its pointy ears turn in every direction and two twinkling eyes look at us. “I’m Jeff,” it says again. “I’m the film bug. I travel from one film to another. Everyone will be infected with this virus. But my wardrobe needs some updating. Could you think up something? Just do some crazy stuff.”  
We ‘ve weighed up the pros and cons of this weirdo, we’ve measured it carefully, smelled it and got to work. We’ve suggested all kinds of materials, colours and forms.
After many hours of hard work, we gave Jeff seven new outfits. He admired himself in the mirror, proud as a peacock. “Marvellous. Now I can return to the wide world of film to infect everyone. Thank you and see you at the film festival.”  
Hopping, wobbling and flapping he disappeared into the light. For a moment darkness returned, there was nothing in the dark and silence reigned.
Infected regards from Lotte’s dad, Johanna, Rita, Laura, Jessica, Lotte, Renske, Jacoba, Valentine, Han, Aagje, Erine and Hilde, pupils and teacher at Sint Lucas KSO Antwerp, art education, 5th grade.


Extra Anniversary Party

One week before the festival we’ll organize an extra film screening on the occasion of our 25th anniversary! We’ll invite you to enjoy the premiere of To Be King, based on one of the most famous children’s books by Jan Terlouw. We’ll receive you in style at HETPALEIS for the screening of To Be King, a royal ball and some anniversary cake.

Opening and Closing Film

Put on that flashy outfit to “rewind” at our 80’s opening party!

An anniversary edition with a magnificent opening and closing film. After the screening everyone is invited to attend the afterparty with paparazzi, music and a reception with organic food and drinks!

European Competition

Programme for Young Children


Cut the Crap

Films for young people which have never been screened before in Belgium.
The director surprises us with a short film.


Are you eager to get going after the film screening? At the Youth Film Festival, we ask for nothing better. Discover the magic of old-fashioned special effects, create your own animation film, become a cameraman or learn the tricks of the trade from a professional acting coach. During Studio Creation on Friday we’ll share workshop pictures and videos with the audience. The perfect moment to enjoy the memory of your own creations!

Workshops + Film

Workshop Screenings


The audiovisual laboratory of Jeff the film microbe. A free media lab where you can experiment and play with various audiovisual installations. Have some fun after the film! Open from 1-6 p.m. at “HETSTEEN” and Cinema Liberty.


Children's jury Antwerp

Yenthe Geudens

2001 – Antwerp

I’ve already visited the Youth Film Festival many times and it was always a lot of fun. My favourite film is Dreamer because I love horses and other animals, like the girl in this touching and exciting film. I also liked the horse racing scenes. I’ve been a member of the Children’s Book Jury for a few years, so I’m good at explaining why I like something and why not. The best part of the Youth Film Festival is that it takes the interests of children and young people into account. I hope the Youth Film Festival will have a long future!

Ernest Lenaerts

2001 – Mortsel

I’m a wild boy who loves watching a good film once in a while. My favourite films are Journey 2 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I like these films because they have a lot of action scenes. After the end of a film I use my imagination to think up a sequel. I’m always curious to know if the “real sequel” matches my prediction. I don’t go to the cinema very often, so it’s wonderful that I’ll get to watch a lot of films at the Youth Film Festival.

Marte Peeters

2001 – Antwerp

Last year I already wanted to be a member of the children’s jury, but unfortunately, I wasn’t selected. Therefore I’m very happy that I’ll get the opportunity to be a member of this fantastic jury at the 2013 festival edition. I’ve been visiting the Youth Film Festival since I was in kindergarten, so I’m very familiar with the festival. My favourite film is The Crocodiles I. I’d love to see the second film in the series. It’s an exciting film and it’s cool that the characters are tracking down a gang of criminals, despite their young age.

Zaza van Genugten

2002 – Antwerp

I love watching films! I REALLY wanted to be a member of the children’s jury in Antwerp. I thought it would be great to take up this challenge and to select the best festival film. All festival films are absolutely fantastic. I’ve often visited the Youth Film Festival and it was always a fun experience. My sister and I have even won some prizes. My favourite film is Totally True Love, an exciting and romantic film. It’s cool to be a member of the children’s jury and to get to know new people.

Ulrike Hauters

2002 – Antwerp

I’m very happy to be a member of the Youth Film Festival children’s jury. I really love watching films. It’s fun to talk about a film and to hear other children’s opinions. My favourite films are Hanni & Nanni and Hugo. I’d love to see Hanni & Nanni 2, but this film hasn’t been released in Belgium yet. The film combines good acting performances, an exciting story and an interesting soundtrack. I also love reading and playing korfball. My eldest brother was a member of the children’s jury in 2008 and I’ve been visiting the Youth Film Festival since I was 5 years old.

Ivana Noa Batchvarov

2003 – Berchem

I love films and the elements of which they are composed: dance, emotions, costumes … and the way these elements are combined to create a story. It’s very interesting to see how the same story is rendered in different ways. I visited the Youth Film Festival in 2012 and participated in many workshops. It was a unique experience. The Youth Film Festival is a film festival where children give their opinions on films and that’s great!

Asko Verbist

2004 – Antwerp

I’m really happy that I’ll get the opportunity to be a member of the children’s jury. My birthday is in January so I’m old enough to be a member. A few years ago for my birthday I visited the festival to watch Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms. It’s my favourite festival film, but I also love exciting films like Indiana Jones and funny films like Mr. Bean. I’m the youngest member of my family so it’s cool to feel like a grown-up for once. I listen to what other children have to say and I love talking. I like giving my opinion on things, I love watching films and it’s great that I’ll get the opportunity to select the best film.

Jonas Schelfhout

1988 – Oppuurs

Hi everyone, my name is Jonas Schelfhout. I’m an Art and Culture Mediation student, which basically means that I’m crazy about art and culture. Film is of course one of my favourite art forms. I’ll be co-ordinator of the Antwerp children’s jury at this year’s festival and I can’t wait to discover the festival films with the members of the children’s jury. It’ll be a week to remember. Is there anything more fun than being totally absorbed in a great film?

Children's jury Bruges

Jinte Van Wetter

2001 – Assebroek

I’ve often visited the Youth Film Festival and I’m always looking forward to it. I love writing and I have a collection of self-written stories. One of the best films I’ve seen at the Youth Film Festival is Pirret, about a girl who can fly. I love stories so it’s cool when stories come alive in films. I also love music so I like it when a film has a beautiful soundtrack. It’s great to be a member of the children’s jury because I love watching films and I have a lively imagination. I like thinking, talking or writing about the films I’ve seen.

Fien Depickere

2001 – Brugge

It’s great to be a member of the children’s jury because I love watching films and giving my opinion on things. It’d be a fun thing to do during spring half-term. I’ve already visited the Youth Film Festival. I’ve seen a lot of great films but one of my favourites is Chicken Run. At home we have a lot of chickens I used to play with. The chickens in the film are very funny and remind me of our chickens. A while ago I watched a film with my friends. Afterwards everyone would give their opinion. That was great fun!

Laura Achu

2001 – Brugge

Every year I watch about two films at the Youth Film Festival. I love watching films and giving my opinion on them. My favourite film of last year’s festival is Blijf. The film was cool, funny and exciting. The line that touched me the most was “I dare I dare what you don’t dare”. I also watched Totally True Love, a wonderful film about a girl who falls in love with a boy. You’d think it’s a quiet film but it has some scary scenes. Sometimes the film or soundtrack scared me. I’m not afraid to talk and I like watching films.

Linde Dekorte

2002 – Assebroek

I’ve always wanted to see all the films at the Youth Film Festival. I’d love to select and award the best film. It’ll be fun to watch, talk about and criticize films with other children during the festival. I always love the atmosphere at the Youth Film Festival, the extra activities, the sweets, the reception and awards ceremony. I’ve been visiting the festival since I was 3 years old and watch about 4 films every year. My favourite film is Nono, the Zigzag Kid, an exciting and funny film with great acting performances, a beautiful soundtrack and a wonderful story. I love the atmosphere in the children’s jury so I’m really happy to be a member this year.

Marit Crul

2003 – Brugge

I’ve already visited the Youth Film Festival a few times and it was so much fun. I really love watching films and talking about films with other children. I’m happy to be a member of the children’s jury. I’ve also attended a few film screenings at the beach in Zeebruges, together with my mother and brother. One of my favourite films is Fuchsia the Mini-Witch. Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms was very funny. I love watching films and I like giving my opinion on the films I’ve seen. It’d be fun to go to the cinema every day during spring half-term and to get to know other children.

Emmelina Issele

I’ve already visited the Youth Film Festival a few times and I thought it would be fun to be a member of the children’s jury. My favourite film is Princess Lillifee 2. Besides watching films I do ballet dance, take part in athletics, take singing and music lessons and lessons in drawing. I’m really happy to be a member of the children’s jury!

Katelijne Gevaert

1992 – Assebroek

My name is Katelijne and I’m really looking forward to coordinate the Bruges children’s jury again this year ! I’ve been a huge fan of the Youth Film Festival for years: at first as an attentive visitor, then as an enthusiastic volunteer and since 2011 as the bruges children’s jury coordinator. As a future primary school teacher that was a highly interesting experience. Thanks to the fantastic films, the wonderful reactions of the children and the critical comments of the children’s jury, spring half-term will be fabulous! I’m already counting the days for the most beautiful, the most amusing, the coolest, greatest,… week of the year!

Professional Jury ECFA

Florine Wiebenga

1978 – The Netherlands

Florine Wiebenga is Head of education at EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage.
After studying Theatre, Film and Television Science in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Stockholm (Sweden), Florine worked as an editorial assistant for the Dutch children’s series Ernst, Bobbie en de rest and as a production assistant at Metropolisfilm. From 2002 to 2012 she worked as a film and media education expert at the Dutch Institute for Film Education. From 2005 to 2010 she was a part-time student at the Graduate School of Child Development and Education in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Since 2005 she participated in several projects of, an expertise centre that works in the area of media literacy. In 2010 she led a major project on the measurement of media literacy among young people. In addition, she participates in the school community Film at school and is a member of the Board of Directors of Stichting Mediawijsheidscholen.

Füsun Eriksen

1967 – Denmark

Füsun has been director of the BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth since 2007. Born in 1967 in Istanbul, she and her husband (a Danish jazz musician) moved to Denmark in 1992. She first studied Economy at the University of Istanbul followed by theater acting and directing. For many years she worked in the advertising and film world for Warner Bros, and was head of PR, Marketing and Festivals at Trust Film Sales/Zentropa. She created festival and sales strategies for Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, Lone Scherfig, Andrea Arnold, Per Fly, Anders Morgenthaler and Lukas Moodysson. She has two lovely sons, Arto and Mingus, and besides her passion for good movies and TV series, she is a fitness and dance addict.

Gianvincenzo Nastasi

1977 – Italy

Gianvincenzo was born in 1977 in Salerno, Italy. He started as an actor taking part in several plays based on the Campania traditions.
In 2001 he started off his collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival as a facilitator of the film related activities for students, Movie Days, and of one of the competitive sections of the festival.
He is also director and executive producer of several short films and is one of the protagonists of SHE DIED, the first web series produced by Giffoni FF.
He is currently part of the artistic direction of the festival and is also one of the programmers of the official competition.
Gianvincenzo loves film and photography. He has shot various photo reports during his trips and in 2011 he dedicated a photo review to Iran, Scent of Persia. He graduated in Current Affairs Journalism with a thesis on Andy Warhol and his artistic production.

Andrew Van Ostade

1988 – Belgium

Born on November 4th 1988, this Antwerp based musician is mostly described as “that funny dancing drummer” in the popular band School Is Cool. When he’s not drumming with the band, he’s making music at home with his own project called “It’s Like Boo!” in which he puts all his love for videogames, horror movies and the theme park ‘Efteling’. He also has a big heart for watching and making movies and together with a friend and filmmaker he likes to make funny sketches on YouTube (the most successful being ‘Fat Dancer’). But what he loves most is to act in movies and work in theatre. His big dream is to be part of the cast in a big action/fantasy/science fiction movie. He once was a member of the Children’s Jury at The Youth Film Festival and loved it so much that he can’t wait to be part of it again.

Rewind with Evelien and Matteo!

An anniversary edition in which we’ll welcome actress Evelien Bosmans as festival godmother and actor Matteo Simoni as festival godfather. Together we’ll “rewind” the history of our festival and get ready for the next 25 years.

Evelien Bosmans

Evelien Bosmans is still very young, but doesn’t need to be introduced since her roles in the feature film Groenten uit Balen and the television series Rang I, Red Sonja, Danni Lowinski and Zingaburia. She studied at The Maastricht Theatre Academy and won the award for Best Actress at the Ostend Film Festival 2012 for her performance in Groenten uit Balen. She’s currently starring in Marina, the new film by Stijn Coninckx, opposite festival godfather Matteo Simoni.

Matteo Simoni

Matteo Simoni graduated from Herman Teirlinck Institute in 2010. During his drama studies he co-founded theatre company FC Bergman with some of his fellow students. He’s known for his roles in Zot van A, Weekend aan zee, 16+, Rang I, Sara, Code 37, Vermist and LouisLouise. He’s currently playing the role of the young Rocco Granata in Marina, the new film by Stijn Coninckx.



Sunday 03/02/2013 – Premiere To Be King

Saturday 09/02/2013 – Fidgety Bram at JEFF

Sunday 10/02/2013 – On the red carpet of The Youth Film Festival

Monday 11/02/2013 – The Philharmonique blows you away

Tuesday 12/02/2013 – Spot and Splodge and other activities at The Youth Film Festival

Wednesday 13/02/2013 – Youth Film Festival for very young cinephiles

Thursday 14/02/2013 – JEFF-reporters become dectectives

Friday 15/02/2013 – Who will be the new favorite of the public?

Saturday 16/02/2013 – Become a JEFF volunteer!

Sunday 17/02/2013 – JEFF awards his prizes