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Ernest & Célestine

Ernest & Célestine

80 minStéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar & Benjamin RennerBelgium, Luxembourg, France2012     trailer

Ernest, a chubby, hungry bear, searches through garbage bins to find something to eat. There he finds Célestine, a small mouse which looks incredibly delicious. But when he wants to eat Célestine, she begs him: “If you do not eat me, I will give you what you want most in the world!”. Out of these unfavourable circumstances, a friendship is made. This friendship is fiercely fought out between the world of the mice (the underworld) and the world of the bears (the upper world). After all, a mouse and a bear cannot be friends. Everyone knows that!

Ernest & Célestine is the best children’s film of the year for us. It is a feast for the eyes (and not only for children!) and a smart and timeless story involving two lovely characters that will win you over instantly. It is a cartoon which lives up to its name, without flashing and overwhelming 3D computer animation, but with calm aquarelle drawings, in which only a few lines are used to depict an entire world.

Definitely have a look at Benjamin Renner’s blog and discover the secrets behind the making of this wonderful film. For the littlest ones, an Ipad application with games and more information about the film is available.