Jeff the film microbe was born on the 14th of February 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium. His proud parents Ronny & Johny raised Jeff in a creative environment.

He went to school at the Holy Inflamatoir High School. After he got the movie jitters in high school, he decided to continue his studies at the Tropical Institute of Film Contamination. Now, he can infect anyone with the filmvirus, and once you get the microbe, you can infect others yourself.

After his studies, Jeff ran into the European Youth Film Festival at the offices at the Somm├ęstraat in Antwerp. This way, he got into the spotlights in 2008 as the mascot of the festival.

2008 2009

He thought the people of the Youth Film Festival were really nice, so when they moved to the ‘Zuiderpershuis’ in May 2009, he moved as well. The ‘Zuiderpershuis’ became his new home, where he still lives. Once in a while he goes on holiday to his countryhouse in Bruges.

In January-February 2010 he held a huge contamination action, to make hundreds of people enthusiastic about film. Maybe you’ve spotted one of the stickers, balloons, visite cards or news articles which he used to infect everyone. That year, he also contaminated many famous people with his virus, as he still does.

In 2011, Jeff hit the streets as a superhero to create a real superhero gang. This gang helped him to make sure all kids, teenagers (and adults) were able to enjoy the Youth Film Festival.

JEFF is a Belgian film microbe on a mission! During his holidays in Barcelona (june 2011) he wants to infect all children and youngsters with his film virus. This virus gives you a passion for film and the only antidote is to see as many films as possible! Jeff will show short films from the European Youth Film Festival at Sonarkids in Barcelona and he brings his tattoo shop so that everybody can have a burly souvenir. Read more about his trip!

JEFF presents the theme of the 24th edition of the Youth Film Festival: JEFF ROCKS! In 2012 the Youth Film Festival is all about music and noise. JEFF went to the Mia’s to bring the great news: watch the video here!

Hip Hip Hoeraa! In 2013 Jeff is 25 years old. Coincidentally it is also the 25th edition of the festival. And to celebrate this anniversary edition of the festival Jeff plunges his film archive to rewind some highlights from the past.

In 2014 Jeff is a real Globetrotter and travels all around the world! Jeff went, for the 26th edition of the festival, exceptionally, outside Europe’s borders looking for the best children’s and youth films

Jeff watches a lot of movies. But in 2015 he spend too long in the cinema… Through the darkness he got wings looks like a bat! He can not handle the sunlight. For the 27th edition of the festival he hides himself in the dark.

In 2016 Jeff was a robot with magnetic forces wich no one could escape! Under the name RoboJeff he left all gears running smoothly at the festival and presented proudly biggest media lab as seen at JEFF.

To be continued…