The European Youth Film Festival is an annual several-day screening event of European audiovisual creations in Antwerp and Bruges. In addition to film screenings, the festival draws special attention to an audiovisual framework. Throughout the year we organize additional activities to support our principal activity. The festival’s main target audience consists of young film lovers but our general principle is not to exclude anyone. The festival has a comprehensive audience reach and an international dimension. Jeff is artistic, thinks and does. Jeff creates opportunities and experiences and goes for nothing less than the wow-reflex!


The ultimate target of the Youth Film Festival is to amaze by beauty, content, technique and innovation of the audiovisual creations. We want to stimulate do-it-yourself. We want to make young people think and act in an artistic context. This is what will foster the wow-reflex!

Four objectives

Jeff is there for and by children

Jeff is a film professional

Jeff is a guide

Jeff is media literate