From Saturday 25/02/2017 until Sunday 26/02/2017

Thursday 23/02 until Friday 24/02: Medialab for schools
These days the medialab is open for schools.

From 25/02 until Sunday 26/02: The Youth Film Festival
Circa brings the Youth Film Festival to Ghent. You will discover the best films from our program and experiment in the media lab of Circa. And this in the weekend of the 25th and 26th of Februari 2017.

Who is Circa?
Circa is the cultural centre of the city of Ghent. Different cultural projects in the city and the support of non-established culture makers is what they do best.
For the realization of its projects they are constantly seeking partnerships with other cultural players, including the Youth Film Festival.

Ciné Kadee is one of the many projects of Circa. An interactive film- and media festival for kids. For many years now this was in partnership with the Youth Film Festival. From 2016, the cooperation was even more intense and they welcomed The Youth Film Festival in Ghent.