Saturday 25/02/2017 until Sunday 05/03/2017

Saturday 02/25 untill Sunday 03/05 : Film Fun!
Spinrag and arts center BUDA bring the Youth Film Festival to Courtrai. A unique selection of entertainment , adventure and documentary for the first time shown in Courtrai. Also, the public can enjoy themselves on a film installation : Mammoth .

Who are Spinrag and BUDA
Spinrag celebrated in 2016 his 14th edition and has grown from a mayfly into a leading children’s art festival in Flanders. Come play, watch and enjoy. A combination of performances, exhibitions, films, performances and installations. Everyone is welcome to be surprised himself by doing everything himself …

BUDA Arts Centre is a workplace presentation platform and a cinema with at least three films every day. It creates an artistic context in which the desire of the artist to create is central.